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Lifetime Garage Door highly suggest to turn Garage Door Repair in Edina MN to a professional
for several reasons:

Springs Are Dangerous To Work With

There are two types of garage door opener spring; the extension and torsion. Both of these
springs are tightly wound but can suddenly snap and put a person in danger if they don’t know
the proper precautions while trying to install or remove them. A broken garage door opener
springs may also slam shut and can cause an injury.

Garage Door Repairs Requires Special Tools And Training

A professional garage door technician has sets of the precise tools to effectively handle garage
door repairs. They attended training and seminars to keep themselves updated with the latest
tools and techniques in the industry.

More Cost-Effective

If you think that you can save money by DO-IT-YOURSELF repair, if you make mistakes, you
have to pay for the costs of fixing your own errors while hiring a professional, Garage can save
you money because they have the complete tools and experience to handle the job.

Faster Turnaround Time

If you repair your own garage door, you have to spend time researching and study the methods
and tools needed to fix the issue. While, if you hire a professional garage door technician, they
would be able to figure out the issue faster because they have years of experience and
comprehensive knowledge to help them determine an efficient solution.

Why Choose Us to Do Garage Door Repair in Edina MN?

● We are locally owned business
● We are available 24/7 for same day service
● We provide top quality products and the best service possible
● All our technicians are skilled, licensed, insured and bonded
● We are ready to respond immediately to get your garage door operational
● We offer FREE estimate on all garage door repairs, installation and maintenance
● We have team of dedicated customer service representative ready to answer your calls

Some of the Garage Door Problems We Can Help You:

  • Worn Out Motor
  • Slow-Motion Action
  • Drafty Garage Door
  • Slamming Garage Door
  • Remote Control Doesn’t Work
  • Wall Button Fails To Close The Door
  • Malfunctioning door
  • Damaged Spring and Cable
  • Incorrectly Programmed
  • Remote Controls
  • Disengaged or Stuck Trolley
  • Malfunctioning Safety Sensors
  • Loud Sound During opening or Closing
  • Garage Door Won’t Close Or Open Fully
  • Garage Door Moves Unevenly
  • Garage Door Reverses
  • Garage Door Has Stopped Working
  • Garage Door Keeps Sticking
  • Garage Door Doesn’t Always Open

Looking For A Garage Door Repair Service Company in Edina MN? Contact Us Today!

Lifetime Garage Door Repair is a one stop garage door installation, repair and maintenance
service in Edina, MN. Our team of experts are available 24 hours a day in 7 days to provide you
quality service.

Garage doors are a big investment for you and your family. If you don’t take care of it, it can cause major health and money issues. If you run into any garage door problems and need immediate help, do not hesitate to give us a call at (952) 333-4818. What are you waiting for? Dial our number today!

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